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Date Topic Release Platform Description
11/14/2021 Bank API Integration Jan,2022 Web We are integrating with the most popular banks to check account balances and pull transactions. Monobank and Pribatbank are done!
03/25/2018 Video Lessons May,2018 All More Video Lessons will come
10/08/2023 No Decimal Points on creating transactions Oct,2023 Web No longer need to type decimal point when entering values in new transactions. Just type digits, like a cashier in the supermarket
04/16/2023 Transaction Priority Apr,2023 Web Plan your finances even better giving your Transactions, Financial Schedules and Credits a Priority
07/18/2022 Account Quick Filter Jul,2022 Web Accounts are now clickable on the Elastic Transactions page. Try it out to see what will happen!
05/29/2022 Embedded Calculator May,2022 Web When creating a new Transaction/Budget/Template you can enter a formula (starts with the "=" sign) in the value field, and we will calculate for you!
02/13/2021 Enable and disable templates Feb,2021 Web If you wanted to hide a template from the main menu temporarily - it is now possible!
02/07/2021 Accounts -> Transactions Feb,2021 Web Pro and Business users can open relevant transactions from Accounts Details page by a single click
01/07/2020 Elastic Templates Jan,2020 Web fiP is getting more and more elastic. Now - Elastic Templates
12/27/2019 Elastic Copy Dec,2019 Web New highly expected feature: Copy Elastic Transactions
11/23/2019 Split Elastic Finance Plans Nov,2019 Web From now elastic finance plans are splittable!
05/21/2019 Elastic Finance Plans May,2019 Web Finance Plans get elastic like transactions!
08/12/2018 Better support of small screens Aug,2018 Web If you are using iPad, Android tablet, or mobile phone for fiP - we are getting more friendly!
07/01/2018 Release Naming Jul,2018 Web From now our releases will be named after mountains! We will grow meter by meter up :)
07/01/2018 Copy Transactions Jul,2018 Web Create your transactions even easier! You can copy any transaction. Also now you can change date for many transactions at once!
06/10/2018 Blog Jun,2018 Web We started a blog to tell you more about fiP!
05/10/2018 Improved Authentication Feb,2018 Mobile Login with your touchID or faceID! Connect via Facebook or Google account! Mobile apps get more and more friendly!
04/23/2018 fiP Community Forum Apr,2018 Web We will listen to our Users!
04/04/2018 Social SignIn Apr,2018 Web The Finance Planner can authenticate you by your Google or Facebook account
03/26/2018 EU-GDPR Compliancy Mar,2018 All The Finance Planner is now GDPR compliant. You can now remove all your data
03/25/2018 Video Lessons Mar,2018 Web Help Page is back! You can check our video lessons there
03/25/2018 PurchaseList Mobile Feb,2018 Mobile Your Purchase List is on your mobile phone!
09/01/2017 New Tariff Plans Sep,2017 Web New Tariff Plans have been introduced. Now you can choose one of our personal or business plans
11/23/2016 Supervisor mode Aug,2017 Web You can get assistance of a professional finance consultant. This feature is not available in all countries
11/23/2016 Export and Print Jul,2017 Web You will be able to export filtered list of transactions to PDF, Excel or just print
07/08/2017 Accounts Export/Import Jul,2017 Web Using another software for finance planning but want to join fiP? Import your accounts and go on!
06/09/2017 Charts and diagrams Jun,2017 Web Check your financial forecast in diagram view. View your Finance Plans as charts. And see the structure of your incomes and expenses. With fiP
06/09/2017 VAT calculation Jun,2017 Web fiP will calculate VAT for your invoices. And the following month it will remind you how much you should pay to the state
06/09/2017 Purchase List Jun,2017 Web Go shopping? Do not forget to take Purchase List! fiP will say what and how much to buy!
05/25/2017 Invoices May,2017 Web Make your business Elastic with fiP! Provide services, sell goods. Then make and submit invoices with a click!
05/25/2017 Warehouse May,2017 Web Not just money matters? Now you can track also things and time!
04/14/2017 Plans May,2017 Web Want to see how profitable your Plans will be? Create Plans in Finance Planner and check!
03/31/2017 Reminders Mar,2017 Web We will remind you when you have overdue transactions, accounts with insufficient funds, or overall finance status may get dangerously low
01/25/2017 Transaction Templates Jan,2017 Web From now you can create templates to speed up finance reporting for you
11/22/2016 Automatic Scheduling Jan,2017 Web Machine Learning is here! We will create a finance schedule for you!

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