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About fiP

Group DEC.21 was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2013 as IT subsidiary of TamaG GmbH,which is on the market since 2003.
Our offices are located in Vienna, Austria and Lviv, Ukraine.
Our IT division works in eCommerce, digital learning, financial sectors and consulting
fiP (full name is The Finance Planner) first went live on Mar 20, 2017
In Austria we cooperate with professional Finance Advisors who helps fiP users manage their finances and taxes

To learn more about our Web/Mobile solutions and IT services please check out our marketing website

Take Your Finances under Control!

Personal, Family Finance Management:

  • track your incomes and expenses
  • plan your budget ahead
  • create schedules for recurring payments
  • take advantage of bank credits
  • get reminders of upcoming payments
  • create purchase lists for shopping
  • use multiple currencies. Rates sync automatically
  • check out elastic transactions and budgets
  • get your plan created automatically!
  • - view your financial status 1, 2 or more years ahead!

Take Advantage of SME Accounting!

  • track your customers
  • create and email your invoices
  • reminders of due payments
  • get VAT calculated automatically
  • automatic reminder of VAT payment
  • plan your business projects
  • financial state prediction
  • manage your warehouse
  • export your data to Microsoft Excel
  • take advantage of professional finance advisors
Service for personal and home accounting, financial management and planning for SME
Please email us if you would like to try out premium features: ihudak[at]
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Android Application

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