End-User License Agreement


1. General Provisions


1.1. This End User License Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) describes the terms and

conditions valid when providing information and services of the given Website (hereinafter


1.2. The Site is managed by the Site Administration and represents an online service that

provides informational services on personal finance management, home and small business

accounting services to the Site visitors (hereinafter “Users”).

1.3. Any information (text, images, multimedia materials, program codes and other intellectual

property objects) contained at the given Site (except for copyrights, trademarks and other

intellectual property objects belonging to the third parties, particularly advertisers) is

possessed by the Site Administration. The given information may not be used in one way or

another unless permission to do so is granted to you by the Site Administration.


2. User Rights and Responsibilities


2.1. Registration and using of the Website by the User means that the User accepts and is

obliged to comply with all terms and conditions of the given Agreement.

2.2. The User assumes the entire risk of using the Site including the evaluation of reliability,

credibility, completeness or usefulness of its content.

2.3. The User has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletters provided for the Website

service. When unsubscribing user deletes all their data in the Account Settings form.


3. Site Administration Rights and Responsibilities


3.1. The given Agreement can be completely or partly changed by the Site Administration

without notice. The updated Agreement comes into force as soon as it is published at the Site.

3.2. The Site Administration reserves the right to send the Users notifications about the service

news as well as information about the advertisers’ offers.

3.3. The Site Administration is obliged to support the Site functionality and make efforts to

provide uninterrupted and error-free operation of the Site.


4. Responsibility of Parties and Limitation of Liability


4.1. The Site Administration does not bear responsibility for:

4.1.1. content, accessibility and credibility of materials presented at the Site as hyperlinks;

4.1.2. content, direction and activity of company websites presented at the Site as hyperlinks;

4.1.3. credibility of advertising material placed at the Site pages and quality of the advertised

goods and services;

4.1.4. loss of the User’s personal information;

4.1.5. any direct or indirect damage occurred due to the use (related to the use) or inability to

use the given Site;

4.1.6. unauthorized access of the third parties to the information stored in the system.

4.2. The Site Administration is obliged not to disclose information about the Site Users to any

third parties.

4.3. The User bears responsibility for the safety of their login and password.